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Renovare Coorparoo – Dave Simpkins & Michelle Simpkins

Building with passion and commitment

Dave Simpkins has near on 20 years experience in the building trade and has particular experience in steel framing and renovation. Michelle is a qualified nurse and nurse educator and now what she likes to call a ‘first-year apprentice’ in the building trade.

For Dave and Michelle, they realise that for their clients home is where the heart is and a thoughtful renovation is the best way to transform an older home into something the owners will love for years into the future. Opening up the potential of a home and providing that ‘new home’ experience makes the job so very rewarding. They consider it a real honour and privilege to work on their client’s projects and pride themselves on being always approachable and personable.

Why Renovare?

Dave was impressed by Renovare’s vision, their structure, support and their camaraderie. Trying to go it alone in the building industry is becoming increasingly hard, so when Dave heard about Renovare, their systems, processes and what they can offer, he knew we had to be a part of it.

Dave’s goal with Renovare is to offer not just a product, but a service. Buying a house can be stressful enough, but renovating can be just as stressful. He wants to be able to offer clients a streamlined and stress-free Renovare experience. Utilising the 3 step building process, combined with some cutting edge designs and products, Renovare can offer clients the highest quality renovation expected from a builder. 

Renovating in Coorparoo

Dave sees a lot of change happening in the greater Coorparoo area. As the population changes, so do the housing requirements. People want more from their home, whether it be updating the kitchen, freshening up a tired bathroom or adding a new level on top to cater for a growing family or maximize on city views and cool breezes. People are wanting the latest style combined with the latest technology and creature comforts.

Dave's backyard

Dave has 20 years of carpentry experience in both timber and steel house frames. After working for someone else for a number of years, it was time to take the leap and build-up his own business contracting for the big builders.

After honing his skills for a few more years, he wanted to progress again and build for clients directly. Along the way he’s managed to renovate a number of his own homes, both to suit his own personal tastes and to meet market trends, splurging on luxury items and working within a budget.

Dave can appreciate the challenges that a home renovation represents. He often jokes he should apply for ‘The Block’, but don’t think he’d make very interesting viewing as Dave tends to just get in and get the job done.

When Dave gets the chance, he loves spending time with his family, going camping, fishing and getting back to nature.

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